Tobira no Mukou e

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de reflexiones purpuras y rojas

Para muchas personas jóvenes nos resulta normal considerar la cueca como el baile nacional, desde pequeños aparecía así en nuestros libros de estudio, nos hacían pintar incansablemente año tras años el copihue (símbolo nacional) y año tras año debíamos aprender a bailar la cueca, pero alguna vez hemos pensado ¿Qué significo esto? ¿Qué hay detrás de esto?

Para algunos será un dato desconocido para otros no, pero es un hecho: La cueca fue impuesta como baile nacional durante la época de la dictadura de Pinochet y sus secuaces el dia 18 de septiembre de 1979, posicionándose en ese época como un suceso digno de ser portada de la prensa. Esta imposición fue hecha mediante el Decreto N°4002 de 1980  en donde el ministerio de educación en su artículo 23 señala como obligatorio dentro de los programas de estudios y objetivos generales de educación física que alumnos aprendan a bailar la…

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I wonder, what should I do?
For what I’ve been throught
For what I have passed
For what I have always asked

I’m here dreaming all the time
Watch me out of the side
Walking in dreams, even in broken ones
In ruins of Halamshiral, wonderful town

So, should I keep on this or move on?
This is to what I answer, the call
In the freefall I breath roses
Falling beyond their symbols and crosses


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Over forced union they walk
Over intensive lies they talk
And if my whispers don’t ever reach you
It’s ‘cos they got lost in the storm of abuse.

You are from earth, don’t trust the water
You’re fragile, don’t jump to the crater
Wake up yourself to see the flowers
Don’t stay beneath the towers.

Are you ready to be awake?
Sweet dreamer of the lost city
Under the ground is waiting the meeting
You are gold, so please don’t be fake.

Jordan Dreamer

Algunos de los actores que aparecen en el video murieron por culpa de su vinculo a la industria, murieron por el peso que lleva vender el alma y ser marionetas de la “Industria cultural”, de la formalmente llamada “Industria del entretenimiento” o popularmente llamado por los conspiranoicos y creadores de meme en internet por “Illuminati”. Uno se vende, literalmente… Vives, engañas, formas a las personas… La industria mata a muchas personas, y sacrifica a muchas de sus marionetas con el fin de alcanzar sus objetivos. Músicos, actores, faranduleros, etc… Todos colapsan, mueren extrañamente, o se suicidan, o mueren por abusos de drogas.

Ahora, algunos de los actores de ahí, murieron por su obsesión con el cine, por su entrega que llegó a otro nivel. Ese es el caso del Joker. Entrar en el personaje, catarsis para interpretar… La perfección lo destruyó. Mi pregunta abierta que les dejo para ustedes es ¿Lo vale? ¿Vale la pena sacrificar tanto de uno para el arte? ¿Vale la pena destruirse? Como escritora, músico y artista en general si me he empujado hasta el borde… Hay una entrega que uno le debe al arte, y el arte te consume.
¿Qué piensan ustedes?
Verdad, Justicia, Honor.

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If there was something more in people, I would… I would, it doesn’t matter, this is between the soul. I’ve promised to not break what it seems to have a chance, it doesn’t matter with who I’m forced to dance.
But I have to tell you, there is really nothing in them, you ask for proves? I’ll tell you when. It’s not about places, it’s about time, all their crimes, and all their mazes, are being hide somewhere in the past, I know when. You believe me then? Or this is going to be a monologue at last?
I would be more friendly, and the story would be less endly, but it has to finish now. They are worthless as a crowd, still, there’s an other way, I’m defending the world, the memories, not their society in decay, animals rise up in my theories. So, no, I’m not going to smile, and for you I’m not going to cry, you are not that good. You have no clue, but this world is burning in water, so we have to change the pattern.
All the evidence take to you all, you are going to fall, by your own hands, and with the flames of the time I will stand. Don’t you see? How can you be so foolish? There’s a reason why I am lonely, and that’s why I can truly be. In the other part, you are passing around, being the same, acting as clowns, refusing to be awake. That’s why in people there is nothing more, you have dropped all that you were created for.
Jordan Dreamer.

The moment is over

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I’m afraid of falling in love again
This is my deep secret da’len
I want to forget, pass away
Leave the dreams to live the day.

I felt too much, was hilarious
Everything got hide in code binarious
Everything were perfect until fire, storm
Left again my heart cold.

We born to be together? Soulmates?
For living the present I’m always late
I can’t forgive or live for anyone else
I know that I’m worthless.

I know I don’t deserve a happy ending
Or a true love with reasons atending
That I am stupid and live in silence
And write so much in rightsence
But in real life I’m just another ghost
In your life, a promise lost
So hard, so antisocial, that’s what I am
Lower, shorter, no better than.

Shh… Silence, what am I supposed to do?
Social interaction? I’m a fool
But I love them so much
No! Stop! This is not a crush.

This are not friends, too good people for me
To sleep, to sleep, dislexia, who I’ll be?
Your photography, my vision
I allowed to be separed by the prison.

Jordan Dreamer.

23/12/16 – 24 Rabi al awwal 1438

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If the nerverminding minded to somebody
That would be nobody
Because there’s a squem to walk on
If you don’t follow it, they’ll drop you low.

Be safe in your own mind
The forest of sweets garlics
Away from this world tragic
Wait when they’ll invade your inside.

They want everything, even that rose
That you gave to her
They are watching close
They’ll create a hell
They will make you less
That’s the bloody spicy move.

Since my band dropped me out I’ve been having existencial problems, like musicians existencial problems, like, do I really suck at this? I am not really made to be on a band? Should I stay as a solo player? Should I quit bass? Was I ment for being a musician? Should I give up music? Yup, it was pretty hard to me, even with that the day before they kick me out a friend sent me a message that I was in his new band, “It’s not a question, I want you in, you are in”, so I didn’t spend a day without a band… But it was the first time that someone kicked me out… Was my first band, how I wasn’t going to be mad at it?

So I started to get angry, why? You know… Why? ‘Cos I don’t speak? Come on! No one is hearing the bassist anyway, it’s not just like a stereotype, or just a meme, is for reals. I am a composser, more than an interpreter, I want to composse! You just can’t make me do the same as the rhytim guitar, if it is for that you just don’t have a rhytim 77. Seriously, I am just tired of all the discrimination to the bass players… The only bass players who gets respected are the upright basses in classical and jazz music, but I can’t play upright bass, my hands are too tiny and my fingers are too short, I barely can play bass guitar, so what? Engineers, musical productors, the roodie, the guys from the band, and everyone else doesn’t care about the bass, is just you know… ‘Cos you must have it there, so just give a bass for a bad guitar player, set it low and that will make it .-. Come on! I need volume dude! And between two guitars there is no hope to sound in any case, ‘cos the engineer doesn’t give a shit about you, he is just concern on making the guitar player happy, and sometimes to make the singer happy.

At a point I decided something… I am not going to buy now with my savings a freaking 5 string bass… Maybe I should buy an acustic bass, for folk music, and as an acustic bass I can with help, of percutting the body, to play as a solo player. That’ll awesome, but I need a good acustic bass, not the ones that bands of rock brings to the unplugged sessions, where it just commit his estetic function that is just being there without being heared. So I thought, what about the mexican guitarron? That’s just a big big acustic bass that it’s very important and it’s very loud. Then I thought, and what about the bajo sexto or bajo quinto mexicano? And then, what about the mexican vihuela? And then I was like… But wait! What about my blood instrument, I am, in a kind of way, italian! So why not try out with the mandolin, or the mandola? Obviously thinking in the napolitan way of those instruments. So I looked at it, but I found the mandolin too high to my ears… Like I want low notes xD, then I thought in the mandola and the octave mandolin, and it was just what the sound I was looking for, but… I started to think, why I am not like a show girl? You know, ‘cos one thing is being a multi instrumentist, but I just can do the songs recording them in my kind of homestudio, but I can’t play it at live, Why I don’t do like “pseudo folk” musicians, where here we call them “Cantautores” like Violeta Parra, where they just play guitar as rythim and they just sing over it. Yas! That was a great idea, but… I know I can play chords in mandola and mandolin, but they are not ment to be as accompaniment instruments, they are ment to do the melodic line, the lead line… If I am going to play mandola or an octave mandolin I wanna do it in the right way, the italian way, not like these days people with the ukelele… So maybe I’ll just buy one of those instruments in the future.

So, I was in the air, looking for diverse instruments that could work as an accompaniment to a voice, I looked at Cura saz, I looked at the perssian setar, since I really love that ethnic music,I wanted a folk instrument… So I runned into this one, THE IRISH BOUZOUKI, was the perfect one, sounded like an octave mandolin, was ment to be lead as well as accompaniment, and is kind of celtic, kind of greek… It is perfect, and the best of all, is not to hard to make chords, which was my first problem when a long long time ago I tried with the guitar. Aight! Heard that! Is a beautyful instrument, I found a facebook page that import folk and ethnic instruments, and they are selling a bouzouki in 270 lukas, which is like… 600 dolars. I don’t have that money at this momment 😦 but I really want that instrument, at the point that I’m even thinking on going to sing rap in the metro, the subway; the bus; or the street. I think they bring the instruments by unity, and sometimes, ‘cos the tax, they bring it in one time more cheap, or more expensive that in other times… So, I’m a little nervous about that, hope that no one steal me that bouzouki from my hands!! XD 😀
So what do you think guys? Am I making the right option? Well, I was about to be added to another band, but if I am going to buy a bouzouki… I think I should stay just in the band of my friend, ‘cos is a new project, and my friend is really nice with me, he let me to do my own basslines, and it is just one guitar, and he is pushing me to do lyrics and help in other ways 😀 So I am pretty good with that. And is more like pop rock, and blues rock, so… Is less punky metal shit of making just noise and 3 guitar solos per song xD. So is pretty melodic, or we are trying to be so (because my friend has another band, where I passed by a short time xD, and it’s a metal band, so he has his influences). Either way, I thing I will keep just that project, and focus on my solist work… So I guess that by now I’ll just have to say no to the people who call me to play in their bands… Watch at that, they are not calling me ‘cos my skills or anything, they are calling me cause in this days there is a lack of bass player… Seems like everyone is tired of the selfish guitarrist and they are quiting up xD
Have a good week 😉 I am having a bad one, cos my colon is turning me on!!!!!!! XD
Truth, Justice, Honor.

Que interesante, la verdad es similar a la doctrina del shock, y relacionado al efecto Estocolmo, sólo que este es aplicable siendo menos invasivo y se puede aplicar en democracia, bajo capaz de humo. Sencillo… Y al parecer más efectivo.

¿Acaso no han visto la insensibilidad de la gente al escuchar “La muerte de 10.000 niños sirios”? Es el pan del día a día, la gente se acostumbra, y no debería de ser así, hay que luchar. Pa’lante! Pa’lante! Siempre pa’lante!!! Wewaiñ!