Ver “Rap Song Explaining the System and Why ALL Presidents are Puppets” en YouTube

Publicado: noviembre 9, 2016 en Uncategorized

That’s basically what I think… Except for the revolution thing… Many revolutions are mady by the own elite…

About Trump, Hillary and elections, a fucking circus, like in Rome, I’m half italian, I know that well… Read Machiavelli.

I’m dumping in shit literally cos’ my colon, but I least my mind is not dumping in shit. You gotta wake up people! Democracy is an ilusion, a fake solution… I’m 18 lunar years now (17 solars) and I know a lot of stuff… What is waiting for me in the future? Like everyday I learn more of this shit…Since I was 12 on this shit…is hard, you know? They are so many liars out there, and people make laught of it… Cos’ when the truth came out their best solution was to make it a joke, make it a meme.

AND FUCK ALL OF YOU YOUTUBERS, CLOWNS OF SHIT! The fuck off! Cazzo! How can you not see it?
Truth, Justice, Honor.



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