Publicado: enero 6, 2017 en Uncategorized
If there was something more in people, I would… I would, it doesn’t matter, this is between the soul. I’ve promised to not break what it seems to have a chance, it doesn’t matter with who I’m forced to dance.
But I have to tell you, there is really nothing in them, you ask for proves? I’ll tell you when. It’s not about places, it’s about time, all their crimes, and all their mazes, are being hide somewhere in the past, I know when. You believe me then? Or this is going to be a monologue at last?
I would be more friendly, and the story would be less endly, but it has to finish now. They are worthless as a crowd, still, there’s an other way, I’m defending the world, the memories, not their society in decay, animals rise up in my theories. So, no, I’m not going to smile, and for you I’m not going to cry, you are not that good. You have no clue, but this world is burning in water, so we have to change the pattern.
All the evidence take to you all, you are going to fall, by your own hands, and with the flames of the time I will stand. Don’t you see? How can you be so foolish? There’s a reason why I am lonely, and that’s why I can truly be. In the other part, you are passing around, being the same, acting as clowns, refusing to be awake. That’s why in people there is nothing more, you have dropped all that you were created for.
Jordan Dreamer.


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